Notable Publication and International Media Coverage

Simply Handmade Chan, Michelle (2012, September). Piggy Coin Purse. Simply Handmade,8(5), 44-45.
Crafty Magazine Chan, Michelle (2014, January). Why the Long Face. Crafty Magazine,(10), 57-59.
Selected Features in Mainstream Magazines
Parents November 2012, Holiday Gift Guide
EveryDay with Rachael Ray Fall 2014, Holiday Gift Guide
Homespun November 2014, January 2015
News Stories & Reports
Radio Free Asia December 2013 link
Apple Daily May 2014 link link
Cover of the Book "Ai. lai qu. zhu Taiwan" by Joint Publishing (H.K.) June 2014 ISBN 978-962-04-3614-7
Li, M. (2014). Ai. lai qu. zhu Taiwan (1st ed., pp. 232-233). Hong Kong: Joint Publishing (H.K.)
Commonwealth Magazine October 2014 link (English version)
Hou, Monique. (2014, Oct). Fed Up! Hong Kong's Middle Class Exodus. CommonWealth, (557), 85-87.

October 2014 link


October 2014 link

TV Features
TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited)
September 3, 2014 link
Ng, K. (Director). (2014). TBD [Television series episode]. in So, M. (Producer), As I Drift. Hong Kong: Television Broadcasts Limited.

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